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EPA Grants Available

The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday opened up applications for about $2 billion in grants for low-income communities overburdened by pollution, marking the single largest investment in environmental justice of any administration.

The money, which is meant to support local efforts to deploy clean energy and bolster resilience to worsening weather events, comes from the Inflation Reduction Act’s Community Change Grants program. The initiative also includes $200 million for technical assistance for applicants.

Recipients will be announced over the coming year, with $1.96 billion going to 150 projects and the remaining $40 million being spread among 20 projects. The agency is soliciting proposals for projects from community-based nonprofit groups, tribes, colleges and local governments in overburdened areas.

Underserved communities often face multiple challenges,” John D. Podesta, President Biden’s senior adviser for clean energy, said on a call with reporters yesterday. He cited, for example, people who lack access to air conditioning during heat waves who are already dealing with unsafe drinking water.

I hope this information about new grant money will come in handy for those non-profit and local governments who can use these funds to include Elbert County Environmental Alliance and Elbert County Government!
- Suni Mills

Jim Duvall was appointed to the Democratic State Central Committee by the State Party Chairperson, Shad Marib. So Elbert County Democrats will continue to be represented at the state level.

Pints in the Pines

The Elbert County Democratic Party hosted a booth at the Pints in the Pines event sponsored by the Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce. We would like to thank the volunteers who joined us and helped out. Thank you Gail, Alan, Janice, Brad and Bob.
We were encouraged by the number of people who stopped by and took literature about important issues in our community. It was great to see that there are so many Dems in Elbert county interested and willing to participate in community affairs.

We are interested in hearing from you regarding topics that are important to you as residents of this community. If you have suggestions for events or topics you would like covered, contact Kathleen Conway Chair Elbert Democratic Party (303)908-0831.

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State Party Fundraiser

Officers for the E. C. Democratic Party

Chair - Kathleen Conway 303-908-0831
1st Vice Chair - Alessandra (Sandy) Navetta
2nd Vice Chair - Douglas Watkins
Secretary - Susan Shick
Treasurer - Kay Seifried

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To receive the county Dems newsletter: email to jduvall908@aol.com
Feel free to share this information with other Dems in the county.

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Check out the new magnets the Dems are putting in the “Welcome” baskets for new county residents!
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The Elbert County Democratic Party continues to be focused on solutions to some of the issues that face Elbert County residents.

For more information, contact me.
Kathleen Conway, Chairperson
Elbert County Democratic Party

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