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Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President

Following is a summary of an article written by Stuart Stevens, a former Republican political consultant, who now works for the Lincoln Project. This article, “Just say it, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President” is part of a series entitled “ “How the Democrats Need to Run”, which can be found in “The New Republic”.

“A plea to my Democratic friends: It’s time to start calling Joe Biden a great president, not a good one. Not just a better choice than Donald Trump. Joe Biden is a historically great president. Say it with passion backed by the conviction that it’s true.”

Joe Biden should remain president because of his ability to stand on the side of freedom in Ukraine, in the largest land war since World War II, something that has not occurred since the Roosevelt-Truman era. Entering this campaign we must be bold, confident and proud.

Stop the nonsense that Biden can only win against a weak opponent and stop misjudging Trump’s strength. Accept the fact that Trump will be the Republican nominee and stop whining that the only choice is between Trump and Biden. Go about the business of getting united behind a great president. If there is one thing Republicans do well is their ability to unite behind a candidate and echo a consistent message. Stop complaining about Joe Biden.

Stuart Stevens, the author of this article, who has worked on Republican campaigns for almost 30 years, states without hesitation “that the Democratic Party is the only pro-democracy party in America.” However, Democrats are impossible to please and are always demanding more.

That being said, few presidents have accomplished as much as Joe Biden in his first term:

  • The stock market is at a record high.
  • Unemployment is at a record low.
  • There are 14 million new jobs.
  • The largest infrastructure bill in history has been passed.
  • Medicare has the power to negotiate drug prices with Big Pharma to lower drug prices. Insulin is capped at $35.
  • The US if producing more oil than any county in history and keeping gas prices at 1974 prices adjusted for inflation.
  • A $7 billion solar power investment has been launched to reduce fossil fuel dependency.
  • Three million borrowers have gotten student loan forgiveness.
  • A bipartisan gun safety bill has been enacted.
  • The federal deficit has decreased by 1.7 trillion.

Joe Biden has restored stability and decency to the presidency. As members of a democratic civil society “we are able to wake up and not worry about the mood of a leader.” “Joe has made governing boring and predictable, a fundamental right of people in a healthy democracy”

“Without President Biden, a monstrous evil would be violently spreading in Europe.” When one of the two major parties in the world’s superpower has embraced autocracy, Joe Biden has stood firm in support of our Democracy. Our parents and grandparents, members of The Greatest Generation, rose to defend the gift of democracy, which the Republicans now squander.

Joe Biden is a great American president. America needs a quiet American hero. We must not falter. Spread the word. Certainty and conviction will bring victory. Doubt and hesitation will invite defeat.

The UAW Endorses Joe Biden

The UAW has endorsed Joe Biden for reelection in 2024.

During the strike action in 2023 against the big three automakers. Joe Biden visited Detroit and walked the picket line, the first sitting president to do so.

According Shawn Fain, President of the UAW, “ Joe Biden has earned the support of the UAW. “ While Donald Trump blamed the American worker, Joe Biden bet on the American worker” “Donald Trump is a billionaire and that is who he represents. This election is about who will stand with us and who will stand in our way.”

The UAW has 40,000 members and is based in Detroit, Michigan a key swing state.

In September Trump attacked electric vehicles and said he would support gas engines if in office. “We will drill baby drill.”

Joe Biden speaks of the importance the union movement “because it produces the best skilled workers in the world.”

During his presidency 20 auto factories opened and more than 250,000 workers were employed throughout the country.

The Guardian - First Thing - By Jen Bartholomew

2024 Caucus and Assembly

The Elbert County Democrats held their 2024 Caucus and Assembly on March 9, 2024 at the Elbert County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building.

The event was attended by representatives from the eighteen Elbert County precincts. The participants were enthusiastic and generous with their contributions and their time. A significant number of new volunteers were enlisted as election judges, poll watchers, precinct captains, and volunteers for future events.

At various times during the afternoon, candidates for Congress from CD4 made an appearance. Ike Mc Corkle spoke to the participants, as did supporters for John Padora and Karen Breslin. Campaign literature was available for review.

Kathleen Conway, Elbert County Democratic chairperson, as well as other board members were encouraged to see many old faces and new in attendance. They expressed the hope that those unable to attend will come to future activities.

Future events will be communicated through social media, via email, and on the Elbert County Democratic website, elbertcodems.net. All democratic and unaffiliated voters are welcome at future events.

Biden Jobs Boom Keeps Boosting Colorado

Today, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Shad Murib released the following statement after the U.S. Department of Labor announced that the U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs in the first month of 2024:

“After Donald Trump and the Colorado GOP’s reckless policies left the U.S. economy in shambles, President Biden’s leadership has delivered for working Colorado families month after month by creating record-breaking new jobs, driving up wages, keeping unemployment low and lowering costs,” said CDP Chair, Shad Murib. “Where Trump left office with the worst jobs record since the Great Depression and sold out working Colorado families to give away billions in tax breaks to the ultra-rich and major corporations, President Biden and Vice President Harris have been building our economy from the bottom up and middle out – leading America to dominate on the world stage. The biggest risk to all this progress for middle-class Coloradans is the threat of another four years of Trump and his trickle-down MAGAnomics agenda.”

Here’s a look at how Bidenomics is delivering in Colorado and across the country, where Trump failed miserably:

  • President Biden’s policies have helped create nearly 15 million jobs, including over 243,000 in Colorado alone. Trump had the worst jobs record since the Great Depression and is rooting for the economy to crash.
  • Under President Biden, the national unemployment rate has been under 4 percent for the longest stretch in 50 years in part due to his administration’s historic investments that have created 800,000 manufacturing jobs and another 875,000 in construction and engineering. Trump’s tax scam incentivized companies to ship American jobs overseas.
  • When Donald Trump was in office, his only accomplishment was giving billionaires and corporations tax handouts. President Biden, on the other hand, is investing in hardworking middle-class families while making sure billionaires and corporations finally pay their fair share in taxes.

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