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Dems Booth at Pints in the Pines

The Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual Pints in the Pines event on September 23 from noon to 10 pm at Casey Jones Park. Included this year is a community rodeo, Arts and Craft fair and entertainment. The Elbert County Dems are hosting a booth and we hope you will stop by and say hello.

We will have information of interest to citizens of Elbert County. You will have an opportunity to register to vote. If you are interested in becoming an election judge you can learn more about this important function and sign up to be an election judge in the next election.(Contact Kathleen Conway- Chair Elbert Dems at (303) 908 0831. You can also volunteer to participate in future Democratic functions and events. Contact Suni Mills- Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator via text at (303) 648 0135. A great way to meet fellow Dems in your neighborhood.

Hope to see you Saturday.

Election Judges Needed

If you are a registered Democrat, live in Elbert County, and interested in serving your community, consider becoming an election judge. We are in need of Democratic judges. Election Judges are responsible for collecting and counting ballots during municipal, county, state, and federal elections. You will receive training and compensation and participate as your schedule allows. You will meet judges from opposing parties and work together in assuring that our elections are conducted in a fair and honest manner. You will protect one of America’s most cherished values, “ One Person. One Vote”

If you are interested in becoming an election judge or learning more of what is involved contact Kathleen Conway Chair-Elbert County Democrats (303) 908-0831.

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"We Went to the Fair..."

This year the Elbert County Democrats hosted a booth at the Elbert County Fair. It was great meeting the Democrats in our community who visited our booth. Many of the Dems we met were happy to see us there.

Many of the people who stopped by our booth were surprised that there was a Democratic presence at the fair and in Elbert County. It became clear to those of us manning the booth that we must become involved in more community events, make our presence known and make it more comfortable for other Dems to participate. Participation will demonstrate that we will not be intimidated in a majority red county.

At the fair we distributed a variety of literature. We provided potential voters with bar codes that would make it easy for them to register to vote using their cell phones. There was literature regarding the accomplishments of the federal government under the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure Act, and the Chips Act. There was literature on how this legislation has specifically benefited Colorado. There was information regarding the taxation and water issues that are effecting Elbert County and its citizens. If you are interested in receiving this information contact us at elcodemocrats@gmail.com.

The biggest lesson we learned from the fair was the need for us to reach out to fellow Democrats and get them involved. In the fall we will be reaching out to Democrats who have recently moved to Elizabeth and the surrounding neighborhoods. We will be providing them with contact information so the they may feel welcome and have a means of contacting us to express theirs views and concerns. We will be planning events at the Elizabeth Library to introduce voters to candidates for various public offices. We will schedule events regarding topics of interest such as solar power and water rights. Information about upcoming events will be posted on our website, elbertcodems.net

It was wonderful meeting those of you who stopped by. Hope to see you at future events.

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Jim Duvall was appointed to the Democratic State Central Committee by the State Party Chairperson, Shad Marib. So Elbert County Democrats will continue to be represented at the state level.

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State Party Fundraiser

Officers for the E. C. Democratic Party

Chair - Kathleen Conway 303-908-0831
1st Vice Chair - Alessandra (Sandy) Navetta
2nd Vice Chair - Douglas Watkins
Secretary - Susan Shick
Treasurer - Kay Seifried

Reference sources/links for useful information:

To receive the county Dems newsletter: email to jduvall908@aol.com
Feel free to share this information with other Dems in the county.

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Check out the new magnets the Dems are putting in the “Welcome” baskets for new county residents!
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The Elbert County Democratic Party continues to be focused on solutions to some of the issues that face Elbert County residents.

For more information, contact me.
Kathleen Conway, Chairperson
Elbert County Democratic Party

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